Acting for Human Rights!
German-Ukrainian Youth Exchange about gender with use of performing arts. Join us to learn to tell stories that captivate and make impact.
Learning Modules
From meeting online to meeting live to ACTION!
18-25 October, Online
All participants will get together to PLAY. Yes, play LARP (Live Action Role Plays) to learn about gender and related to it human rights. Forget your boring zoom meetings that make you turn off your camera while you nap! We have prepared so much fun activities for you.
8-17 November, Live
We will meet in Lviv to continue working in person. During the exchange we will use methods of theatre and performing arts, as well as LIVE LARP to create space for dialogue about human rights, gender, stereotypes and, of course, space where we provoke critical throught.
Making Change
During the live exchange you will organise in groups to design DRAMA GAMES about human rights which you will later on have chance to play with your friends or back in your communities. Each team of participants will receive financial support from the project to implement their initiatives.
This exchange is for you if you are
16-27 years old residents of Ukraine or Germany, motivated to learn about human rights, practice theatre and play drama games. You are also motivated to participate in all stages of the project and create your own drama games to play with your friends or in your community.

Disclaimer. The selection of the participants will be base on motivation letters only. No prior knowledge about human rights, experience in theatre or playing games is required. Selected applicants will be informed on the 16 th of October.
Theatre is the art of looking at ourselves
— Agusto Boal
What to expect from our youth exchanges?
  • High quality workshops
    We brought together professionals in LARP, performing arts and theatre to deliver the best program for you.
  • Mentoring and Support
    Throughout the exchange you will receive support from the mentors of the project through feedback.

    Additionally, we will mentor all teams in implementing their own ideas.
  • Meaningful connections
    Not only you will meet new people, who are motivated to make change, but also you will make friendships and new connections. Most theatre projects make friends, but our theatre projects make best friends forever type of connections

    During the events we will play a lot, laugh a lot and connect to what is truly alive in us.
  • Inspiring Community
    With this project we create a community of individuals dedicated to leading change. Even after the exchnange is over, we keep in touch and will plan online and live meetings to grow together.
At the end of the exchange every participant will get a certificate with detailed description of competences which they have mastered. Additionally, we offer our participant a recommendation letter upon request.
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The project is organised in collaboration between Waldritter e.V., Culture.World.Me., ITTA NGO, Ma Theatre Productions, and Meet UP program of German-Ukrainian Youth Exchnage funding by EVZ.
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