Culture of Solidarity
Training Seminar for Educators
5 days in Bialystok, Poland, full of sharing best practices and methodologies of adult and youth education!
Culture of Solidarity is an Erasmus + KA2 project which brings together experienced educators from Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania, Poland in sharing their best practices and methodologies.
What will you get?
This event is design by educators and for educators. Our aim is to provide you with quality workshops that you will fully benefit from.
  • Learning from on of the biggest and award winning provider of Adult education in Poland, Podlaski Senior. What are the methodologies they use to make them so successful?
  • Meeting local stakeholders in Bialystok(such as governmental and non-governmental institutions) that work with adult and senior education, getting to know their best practices, networking. How can you engage local community in your educational activities
  • More information about Erasmus + KA2 and other funding opportunities for adult and youth education. How this event was created and how to create your own?
  • Meeting, sharing and exchange with our educators from Italy and Portugal, who are experienced in using theatre in work with youth and adults. How could you use theatre methods in your work?
  • Meeting, sharing and exchanging with our partner from Romania, experienced in working with local communities, minorities and people with diverse background using creative methods.
  • European Certificate of participation with gained competences and a letter of reference from Stichting CWM Education.
Who can participate?
Educators, youth workers, trainers from The Netherlands, interested in this event and eager to actively engage in benefiting from this opportunity. There's no age limit.
Event Host
The event will be hosted in Bialystok, Poland, from 23rd to 28th of May 2022 (excluding travel) by the organisation Podlaski Senior. They are one of the biggest and award winning organisation in adult education in Poland. Check out their social networks.
All expenses for travel, food and accommodation will be covered by Stichting CWM education. You will get pocket money to spend on food, getting yourself what you like.
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