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Youth Exchange Program about human right that brought together youth from Ukraine and Germany to create space for dialogue and reflection about local and global perspectives of human rights
Between 31 October - 7 November 2015 the program of the exchange took place in Osnabrück and Menslage (Germany). Culture. World. Me brought together young people from Ukraine and Germany to discuss about their customs, culture, stereotypes and its effect on our everyday life and mutual understanding.
Culture.World.Me. was journey where we explored different stories from different cultures with a main aim to create space for discussion and dialogue about those differences that tear us apart and those differences that bring us together. As a result, everybody could form their own opinion.
What are my cultural roots? How does my cultural heritage influence me within society? What are similarities and differences between our cultures and how can we value them? And in what way do I take position in a global context?
Don't put labels on people ...
Or wait - maybe DO! But only when you are in a workshop discussing stereotypes and prejudice.
What is the difference between a stereotype and a prejudice? Is a stereotype always negative? Are all Germans like this and Ukrainians like that? I'm not prejudiced, am I? What are stereotypes there for anyway? We can live without them - or can we?
These are some of the questions and thoughts we discussed in the workshop.
What do you think about it?
The main objective of the project has been to share cultural concepts and discuss their benefits and limitations for European dialogue and thus foster intercultural understanding. With this program we aimed to encourage youth to gain more confidence in their cultural heritage and at the same time to develop creative competences for their daily lives.
As a part of a journey to share different cultures, we explored different cuisines. After the tour to Osnabrück participants from Ukraine prepared something special and traditional for the dinner for everybody to enjoy. This time they made Dumplings and borsch (traditional soup from beetroot).
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