Youth Exchange


German-Ukrainian Youth Program about Human Rights. This time we gathered in Ukraine to learn and also to exchange different cultures!
Culture.World.We. Program took place in Ukraine in 2016 and aimed to develop understanding of human rights value through non-formal education methods to engage youth in their communities, as well as from appreciation of differences to become active shapers of human rights and contributors to an inclusive society.
Conversation, jokes and trust like we are old friends...
German night, which organized by participants of the program was amazing! The culmination was the bonfire with songs and cooking traditional bread, "Stockbrot".
Guys, each of you is unique and it is that I love in you the most. You are so different and so similar in one time.. You are cool and friendly people. It is a honor to know you and I will be glad to see you again!

- Andrii
During one of the evenings the participants from Ukraine presented local the traditions and rituals. The evening was remembered by singing Ukrainian songs, learning Ukrainian words and watching the cartoon about Cossacks
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