Dramatize! Training Course about Theatre Methods in HUMAN RIGHTS Education
25 August - 3 September 2019, Ukraine
8 days

Of training and practice
30 trainers

From Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Russia, Belarus and Cyprus
7 methods

That use the language of theatre to create spaces for dialogue.
Youth Workers, Youth Leaders, and Youth Trainers active in the youth field came together to build their skills and capacity to develop quality initiatives and educational activities to promote human rights.
Trainer from Germany
"This training course has introduced me to a new world, which is brought to life with rhythm, sound and movement. Slowly I'm learning, that words do not always suffice, nor do they need to. We've been gifted with this incredible body which allow us to tell stories, convey emotions and connect with others in ways, which words cannot."
The Program
During the Training the participants mastered their professional competences and learned to work with the following methods:

Theater of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal), Improvisation Theater (Keith Johnstone), Scenic Writing (Lorenz Hibbe), Biografical theater (Maike Plath), Didactics in Theater Education (Anklam, Meyer, Reyer), Body Movement and Dance (Butoh); Playback Theater.

The training became a space to master competencies
and learn from each other. The participants developed their own workshops about human rights using methods of theatre they learned.
The Trainers
  • Oksana Tykhovska
    Trainer, Coach and Performing Artist
    Trainer, Creative and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Youth worker with 7 years of international experience in non-formal human rights education.

  • Miriam Weinzierl
    Drama Pedagog and Trainer
    Drama Pedagogist and Trainer with a primary focus is in drama methods and their use in daily life.

  • Raquel Gribler
    Actress, Drama Teacher
    Actress, Master of Ceremonies, Drama teacher, Teacher Trainer with a focus on using theatre as a tool for personal development

  • Roberto Pacheco
    Composer and Music Educator
    Trombonist, composer, professor and researcher in alternative pedagogies for musical education and human beings comprehensive development.
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