Every Body Dance! Youth Exchange about Body Image
2021, Lviv, Ukraine
8 days

of Theatre and Dance workshops
32 participants

Working and living together co-creating the installation about body image
6 countries

involved in the project
Youth from Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia came together to challenge stereotypes we know about body image in our communities while participating in non-formal educational activities using methods of theatre, music and dance.
Thank you guys for the opportunity to switch on the creativity and meet awesome people! I wish you luck and many fun projects ahead!
Lisa, The Participant
Modules of the Exchange *
What the program has been like? What have we learned and achieved?
Module 1
Module 1
Getting to know each other and Body Work
One of the most important modules of the exchange aimed at creating space for sharing and learning about each other's values, collaboration styles, boundaries, needs as a way to establish a ground for further interaction. We organised various theatre and dance-based team building and getting to know activities, as well as workshops to talk: what are our values? what is body image? what are our boundaries and how do we express those?
Module 2
Module 2
We started working with various techniques to get to know our own senses, bodies and various movement they offer to us when vining alone, as well as with others. Such methods as Biodanza, Authentic Dance and Extatic/Improv Dance were guiding us in our explorations and discoveries.
Module 3
Module 3
Improv Theatre
To keep exploring our bodies in a fun way we used improv theatre. It also helped us gain various competences such as cultural awareness and expression and communication. "It's wonderful to have an opportunity to have such space onstage to just be free and act free, without worries what others will say, because all of us were actors and onstage. And what happens onstage, stays onstage." - one of the participants mentioned.
Module 4
Module 4
Theatre of the Oppressed
In order to work with and challenge the body stereotypes in depth we used Theatre of the oppressed methodology, which is specially designed for working with various oppression-related issues in our society.
Module 5
Module 5
Creating a Digital Performance
We took inspiration from mentioned above workshops further and step by step our ideas took shape and transformed into a digital installation about body image. Check it out!
The programm enabled me to learn methods and pratices to cope with stress, to feel my body deal with my and emotions. For example we wrote a journal, did impro theatre or meditation.
Moreover, I had the great opportunity to get to know people from all around Europe. I enjoyed being in this multicultural surrounding and to talk about politics, economics and culture.
Paul, The Participant
The participants of the Youth Exchange came together to co-create a digital installation that would rise awareness about body image stereotypes in our communities. We were not limited by the format, that what we create should be one way or another. Instead, we let our creativity free.

As a result, we have split into different teams based on means of expression we wanted to work with or based on topics of our passion. Check out our performance here.

Thanks for this project. It made me stronger and I am glad that I agreed to go. Despite the small flaws, everything was super. I will definitely never forget this trip.
– Maria, The Participant
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