Human Rights on Air

Join us 12 - 22 August 2021 in Bielefeld to learn to create podcasts that captivate and make impact.
Join our Youth Exchange on the topic of racism and learn to create your own powerful podcasts.
9 days
Interactive leaning and active practice
Radio Herz
We partnered with a radio station for you to learn, practice and publish your podcasts
Costs Covered
Travel, Food and accommodation expenses are covered by the hosting organisation.
We tell stories in order to feel at home in the universe.
— Roger Bingham
"Speak up! - Human Rights on Air" is a Youth Exchange about Human Rights, with a focus on the topic of racism. During the project, we will combine creative methods with informative workshops, in order to reflect and discuss racism, its origins, and its supporting structures within our society. We will work with methods from creative writing and oral storytelling to improvisation theatre.

Furthermore, participants will be introduced to methods of radio making. The outcome of the project will be a radio show/podcast, fully created by participants.

This exchange is for you if you are
Motivated to learn more about racism within the scope of Human Rights and radio/podcast making.

Participating countries are the following: Belarus, Greece, Germany, Spain, Russian Federation, and Ukraine.

The age range for participants is between 18 and 30 years, except for the group leader who can be 18+ with no age limit.

The selection of the participants will be base on motivation letters only. No prior experience is required.
At the end of the exchange every participant will get a certificate with detailed description of competences which they have mastered.
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