Speak UP!
21 Days German-Ukrainian Online Youth Exchange about storytelling. Learning to tell stories that captivate and make impact.
21 young people from Germany and Ukraine came together to learn about storytelling and making impact with their stories.

Speak UP! Learning Modules
From learning what is storytelling to making impact with our stories in 3 steps
Storytelling Basics
We will get into storytelling basics for you to feel comfortable and keep practicing with others in your own way. In this block you will learn tools which you could literally "make your own" and adapt to your storytelling style. Some of the questions we will answer: What is storytelling? How to tell stories so that others want to listen? How do I own my story? How to alleviate fears and share what is important for me?
Active Practice
Practice makes perfect. We believe that to be a great storyteller one has to practice storytelling. Our platform will provide you an opportunity to practice, as well as grow daily from feedback from mentors and peers. You will additionally learn: How do I present my story? How do I practice speaking up? How Do I present stories of others? How do I use various media of writing/oral storytelling/audio/painting/etc. to tell stories?
Making Change
In this block we will harness the knowledge and practice into action. The participants will get together into teams to create international exchange projects to make impact in their communities. In this block you will also learn: How do I make an impact with my stories?How can I engage my community in speaking up and sharing what is important? How to speak up against social exclusion? How the way we speak up could shape our communities to make them more inclusive?
We tell stories in order to feel at home in the universe.
— Roger Bingham
Modern neurological research proves that storytelling is the best way to capture people's attention, create a long lasting and memorable impression, and make close, personal bonds. People crave and seek out great stories almost as much as food and water. Leading with stories is the most powerful, inspiring and motivating way to bring together communities and make change.
Elements of the Online Youth Exchange
High quality workshops
We brought together trainers in storytelling, public speaking, civic journalism and neuroscience to deliver the best program for you.

Check out details about the trainers below.
Mentoring and Support
Throughout the exchange you will receive support from the mentors of the project through feedback on your stories shared daily.

Additionally, we will mentor one of the teams in implementing their own international exchange idea after the event.
Practice makes Perfect
You will share stories daily as a part of storytelling practice. As a result, you will boost your competences to lead and make impact with stories.

At the end of the even we will also practice activism with stories we tell and you will create your own projects in teams
Inspiring Community
With this project we create a community of individuals dedicated to growth in telling greater stores, as well as leading change with those stories. Even after the exchnange is over, we keep in touch and will plan online and live meetings to grow in storytelling together.
At the end of the exchange every participant will get a certificate with detailed description of competences which they have mastered.
Speak UP! Program
26 November - 16 December 2020
21 days, 1 hr a day to master your storytelling and make impact
STORYTELLING BASICS: you will learn from what is storytelling to what tools we use to tell stories and what methods could be used to amplify the power of stories we tell.
Day 1 of the project will be dedicated to the opening ceremony and getting to know, which will be 3-4 hours. At the end of week 1 we will additionally have live 1 hr Q&A session + an interactive 1 hr. storytelling workshop with mentors of the project.
STORYTELLING PRACTICE: Every day you will be telling a story and sharing it with other members of the course and course mentors. Daily you will receive feedback on your storytelling so that you become a greater storyteller.
A total of 1 hour of daily commitments will involve:
a) learning or acquiring new competences;
b) audio/video recording your 1-5 min story and uploading it for feedback from mentors and other participants;

At the end of week 2 and 3 we will have 1 hr Q&A sessions live + 1 hr interactive storytelling workshops.
STORYTELLING AS A TOOL TO MAKE CHANGE: Together with other participants of the exchange you will get together in groups to create an international exchange project to address human rights and social exclusion related issues in your community. The best project STORY (chosen by the participants and wider public) will win a prize: the team of organisers from Speak UP! will make it happen with you in 2021.
The week will start from a networking day: 2-3 hours of interactive remoulding for you and a team which you would like to design your exchange project with.
At the end of the week we will have a 2-3 hour closing ceremony and announce the winners.
The Trainers
Oksana Tykhovska
Trainer, Coach and Performing Artist
Trainer, Creative and Emotional Intelligence Coach with over 7 years of experience in design and delivering training in performing arts methods and storytelling. She has experience working in companies, as well as educational institutions. During her sessions you will explore the stories that live inside of you. Engaging all of our senses, our bodies and minds she will guide you on the journey to feel, experience and get into your depths. She will also lead you in mindfulness practices to help you manage your voice, body and emotions when telling stories.

Carmine Rodi
Storytelling Trainer, Stand Up Comedian
Trainer, facilitator, lecturer, storyteller, author, stand-up comedian. He trains communication skills, public speaking and intercultural understanding through the power of stories, activities based on experience, and educational games to create fun and effective learning experiences.

With him you will develop your potential in creative storytelling and humour in telling stories.
Tatiana Sanina
Communications and Public Speaking Coach
She has 10 years of working experience in different industries, including three years of media analysis and managing U.S. Government funds for media. She is particularly interested in media effects theories, the power of storytelling in public advocacy and cognitive processes explaining audience attitudes change. She will help you to improve your arguments and the delivery of main ideas and evidence, as well to construct your thoughts in a logical and coherent manner.
What do you need to get involved?
Stable Internet access
You can connect to an online training from any device: smartphone, laptop or smart.tv.
Make sure you have zoom app with your camera working.
Log into an online learning platform
After selection we will provide you access to an online platform with your unique credentials
The project is organised in collaboration between Culture.World.Me., ITTA NGO, Ma Theatre Productions, Global Resilience Fund, and Meet UP program of German-Ukrainian Youth Exchnage funding by EVZ.
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