Speak up with a Story! Youth Exchange
10 days in Germany with an international group, full of sharing stories, theatre and LARP!
  • Drubberholz, Germany
  • 4-13 July 2022
Speak up with a story! is a youth exchnage which brings together youth from all over Europe to share stories, play theatre and LARP while exploring what are human rights and how to create a more inclusive society.
What will you get?
This event is design by youth and for youth. Our aim is to provide you with quality theatre, LARP and Storytelling workshops that you will fully benefit from.
Program of the Exchange
The program introduces participants to different creative theatre, LARP and storytelling methods. The topic we will work on will be human rights, tolerance and respect to diversity. To make it more comprehensible what the project is about we want to share a short summary of the implemented workshops:
Module 1
Module 1
Getting to know each other in a creative way
Every project of Culture.World.Me starts with a phase of group building activities with different theater, movement and other creative methods to build trust, mutual understanding and respect for each other. Afterwards the first workshops on the topic Human Rights starts.
Module 2
Module 2
Live Action Role Play, LARP
To delve into specific topics, such as diversity, human rights, tolerance... we will play LARP games, where each participant will have a journey of the character which they will explore the topic through. it's going to be an engaging journey to learn through playing with everybody.
Module 3
Module 3
Diversity and Related Human Rights
We will create spaces for dialogue about human rights using such methods as Theatre of the Oppressed, Newspaper theatre, biographic theatre. this way we will create space not only for sharing, but also to provoke critical thought and encourage everybody to form their own opinions.
Module 4
Module 4
Collaboration with Local Stakeholders
One of our aims is to bring together different stakeholders, such as, for example, International human rights organisations. We plan to involve guests from Amnesty International and local human rights activists to share what is done in the field locally and internationally, as well as to get to know how we could engage.
Module 5
Module 5
The Drama Games
Throughout the project not only we will play theatre and Drama games, but also we will show how to create your own. The participants will create their own drama games which they will later on play locally in their communities or with friends.
Module 6
Module 6
Every person is a living story. Not only we will share stories that speak alive in us and our communities, but also you will learn how to share your stories using creative media. This youth exchnage will also inspire you to share more stories if you're not yet doing that.
Who can participate?
Young people aged between 16 and 30, interested in this event and eager to actively engage in benefiting from this opportunity. There's no age limit for the group leader.
All expenses for travel, food and accommodation will be covered by Stichting CWM Education.

There's a 30 EUR participation fee.
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