Human Rights on AIR!
Youth Exchange in Bielefeld, Germany,
12-22 August 2021
This youth exchange brought together youth from Greece, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus aimed at creating a podcast to rise awareness about racism and related to it human rights in our communities.
This is my fifth participation in an Erasmus+ project and the fourth one in a youth exchange, but it is hands up the best experience I ever had in a project, it was all amazing and truly unforgettable. Thank you so much for this project!!
George, Paricipant
In our work we aimed to deliver workshops in an interactive and creative way. It is very unlikely to find a lecture in our program. We focus on participatory approaches where
participants are involved and active in their own learning processes because we believe it is more sustainable and motivating if people have the possibility to structure their own learning progress and to actively shape the project that they are part of.
Miriam, Group Leader Facilitator of the Youth Exchange
Program of the Exchange
The program introduced participants to different creative storytelling methods and to human rights with the focus on racism. To make it more comprehensible what the project was about we want to share a short summary of the implemented workshops:
Module 1
Module 1
Getting to know each other in a creative way
Every project of Culture.World.Me starts with a phase of group building activities with different theater, movement and other creative methods to build trust, mutual understanding and respect for each other. Afterwards the first workshops on the topic Human Rights started.
Module 2
Module 2
Radio Making
To delve into specific radio-making techniques two trainers from the local student radio "Hertz 87.9" involved to give some input about the possibilities around radio making. There were workshops concretely about techniques in radio making alongside with sessions that concentrated on the phenomenon of racism.
Module 3
Module 3
Racism and Related Human Rights
We discussed racism-related concepts such as micro racism, intersectionality, white privilege and much more. One of the key takeaways from the exchange was noting the difference between RACISM and XENOPHOBIA. Two terms that are frequently misinterpreted and wrongly thought of as synonyms.
Module 4
Module 4
Collaboration with Local Stakeholders
One of our aims was to bring together youth and local stakeholders such as Radio Herz and Institutions working with the topic of racism. Through a cooperation with the IBZ center, a local institution which works with youth and adults of migrant background, we wearable to invite social workers and staff from this organisation to share about their work, as well as stories related to the topic of racism.
Module 5
Module 5
The Radio Show
From working with creative approaches, the participants gradually continued their work towards an investigation phase and creation of their own radio show. The participants wrote the scripts and produced the show during the encounter. The show was broadcasted on the last day of the youth exchange. We all sat together and listened to the live show with much curiosity together with hundreds of other listeners of the radio station. LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST HERE.
Thank you for the experience I will never forget it!
Kristina, Participant
All in all, we want to thank all involved organizations and our project partners for this successful
cooperation, and we hope to implement similar project together in the future.
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