Podcast about Human Rights
The Podcast connects people from all over the world to share stories that are alive for the individuals and communities. Here we speak from our hearts and create space for previously unknown and unheard stories to be known and seen. The aim of this podcast is to create spaces for dialogue about human rights and cultural diversity. Below you will find many episodes created during the events we have organised worldwide.
Episode 1

Brought to you by a collective effort of 30 participants of the exchange Human Rights on Air and local radio station Hertz 87.9. The episode focuses on racism and related human rights. The podcast was broadcasted live on Radio Herz in August 2021.
Episode 2

The following short podcast tackles the topic "Racism in Pop Culture" and introduces several positive and negative examples out of mainstream media and literature talking about racial stereotypes and representation of race within them.
Check out more about Speak up! Human Rights on Air! Youth Exchange during which we have created the podcast. LINK
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